MODAPTO – 2nd Technical Meeting

ELTRUN The E-Business Research Center participated in the 2nd Technical Meeting of the EU Funded research project MODAPTO in Fulda. The two day meeting took place on 20-21.03.2024 and all partners came together to discuss the current status of the project and plan ahead the next technical steps.

In the course of the project technical meeting, AUEB presented the Simulation Tools of MODAPTO and how they fit in the overall scope of the project and the remaining technologies that will be utilized to enable Modular Manufacturing. Key points included the description of the simulation tools needed for each user story they will be applied at, how they interact with the foreseen Digital Twins as well as technical details like the protocols that will be utilized for communication as well as the data necessary for appropriate operation.

Furthermore in the course of the two-day technical session Optimization, Self Awareness and Predictive Maintenance as well as remaining technical issues were discussed in parallel with the conducted workshops.


Overall it was a fruitful discussion towards the enabling of a rigorous project and valuable technical solutions design and development. 

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