Modular Manufacturing, Plenary Meeting of MODAPTO

On 22-23 November 2023, researchers from the ELTRUN Research center participated in the Plenary meeting of the EU-funded research project MODAPTO held in Vienna, Austria. In the course of the plenary, all partners came together to examine the course of the project, collaborate in person, and set up the next steps towards its successful and impactful continuation.

During the plenary, Prof. Yiannis Mourtos, director of ELTRUN, alongside with the researchers of the Advanced Manufacturing and Optimization (ADOPT) group presented the Modapto Optimization approach that will be followed towards enabling Optimality in the processes of Modular Manufacturing. Special attention was given to the three pilots of the project namely FFT in which the goal is to develop enhanced capabilities for robotic systems that are interoperable and extend their capabilities to include sustainability analytics and energy optimization functionalities, SEW USOCOME in which the goal is to develop flexible production lines enabled by the capacity to simulate and optimize operations and lastly CRF & ILTAR where the goal is to apply modularity both in terms of modular, intelligent containers and in terms of flexible, modular logistics’ operations in final assembly processes.

Furthermore, during the general assembly, ELTRUN led the facilitation of a dedicated Business Modelling workshop for all involved participants. In particular in this dynamic session, we dove deep into the core of the MODAPTO technology, meticulously dissecting and understanding its unique selling points and potential impacts on the modular manufacturing industry. Our workshop was centred around identifying the specific benefits Modapto offers to our customers and how it stands out in a competitive market. We engaged in an individual based, structured brainstorming session that allowed us to gather diverse perspectives and insights from our technology partners and pilot users. This approach is vital in deriving to a holistic picture of Modapto’s value in real-world applications. The insights from this workshop will help us refine Modapto’s value proposition and in turn enable us to craft business models and industrial strategies that are robust and aligned with market demands and centred around our customers’ actual needs.

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