Tec4MaaSEs Technical Meeting in Athens

ELTRUN The E-Business Research Center hosted the Technical Meeting of the EU Funded research project Tech4MaaSEs in Athens Greece. The two day technical meeting took place on 5-6.03.2024 and all partners came together to examine the status of the user requirements of the project pilot cases on Manufacturing as a Service and discuss the next steps of the project towards the successful completion of the user requirements elicitation phase.

In the course of the technical meeting, ELTRUN presented the different cases of optimization that relate to each pilot case as well as participated in the formation of the optimization related questions of the user requirements elicitation questionnaire. As the project progresses the three pilot value networks present an important set of challenges in their foreseen interaction within and across their respective value networks in terms of optimization. These challenges are expected to be tackled in the course of the project to enable the transition from regular manufacturing processes to a setting of manufacturing as a service where the capabilities and capacities of each manufacturer is shared and taken advantage of interested stakeholders.

Furthermore in the course of the two-day technical meeting, a deep dive in the as-is situation of the different value networks was examined in order to design the next steps towards the to-be situation of the new MaaS enabled networks.

Having completed the technical meeting the project is ready to proceed with the final user requirements elicitation phase where the final setting of the to-be scenarios per value network will be finalized.


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